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Juniata Mennonite Historical Society      43rd Annual meeting

July 10, 2021 9 a.m.

at the

Lauvers Mennonite Church

34585 Rt 35, Richfield, PA 17086

Moderator - Harold Saner

Song Leader - Eric Brubaker

Devotional - Curtis Kanagy

Wert Family - Lloyd Wert

Lauver Family- Patricia Brubaker

Juniata County Hatcheries - David Graybill

Lunch 11:30 a.m.

Lunch provided  Lill's Catering  $8.50

Tour 1 p.m.

View Wert and Lauver homesteads and former local hatchery locations

Graybill Reunion

Graybill's Grove, Richfield, PA

September 4, 2021!

11 am  12 noon -potluck lunch

For more information, contact Gloria Fultz at (717)694-3812

email- memstraus@embarqmail.com

Eleanor Snyder at (717) 694-3831

20th Annual Hymn Sing

Call to confirm- 717-694-3211

Or Mary Alice 717-463-3953 ; Betty Ann 717-444-3466

Open to the public

Brick Mennonite Church

Sunday, September 19,    2 pm

37322 Rt. 35 North, Richfield, PA 17086

A capella singing from the 1902 Church & Sunday School Hymnal

Also some German singing

Come and bring a friend!

Our 2022 membership drive will soon be  on!

A membership entitles you to receive the 12-page quarterly newsletter, Echoes, published in January, April, July and October. The periodical features local and family history articles plus the ever-popular Noah's Diary, written by our original director, Noah L. Zimmerman (1923-2004)

Choose one of the memberships below:

Life member - $500.00

Classic member - $100.00

Supporting member- $50.00

Sustaining member - $30.00

Basic membership - $25.00

$25.00 covers our expense to publish and mail the Echoes. Any additional funds are a contribution toward operating expenses.

Make check payable to: Juniata Mennonite Historical Society.  Mail to P.O. Box 81, Richfield, PA 17086. Please include your mailing address and indicate if you are a new member. Current members will receive an annual membership notice with renewals due by December 31.

We are offeringan opportunity for existing members to give a one-year gift membership at half price ($12.50) for a new member. You can give an unlimited amount of gift membership, but only for new members or those who have not received a previous gift membership. This may be an idea for your Christmas gift list for the person who has everything. The gift membership rate is not valid for existing members. Please make check payable to Juniata Mennonite Historical Center. Mail to P.O. Box 81, Richfield, PA 17086. Offer expires December 31, 2021!

To avoid extra postal charges, pleae inform us of any address changes.

Live recording Of Brick Church Hymn Sing

September 16, 2018

Dial 712-432-8776

Enter conference ID pin- 426227#;

 then choose the following:


or 916181#


Press 1 to stop the recording,

press 1 again to restart the recording.

Press 4 to back up the recording,

Press 6 to advance the recording

Listen to a live recording of

Juniata Mennonite Historical Society Annual Meeting

July 14, 2018    Held at Vicksburg, PA

Dial- 712-432-8788

Enter the conference ID 9088#,

then choose from the following:

71418# -


Looking at the Past to Guide the Present; Luke Weaver- Lewisburg, PA

 Early Amish History of the Buffalo Valley - Elam Fisher, Loganton, PA



Early Memories of the Groffdale Conference in the Buffalo Valley - Harry Oberholtzer, Mifflinburg, PA



Canals and Canal Life in the Susquehanna River Basin region - Steve Runkle, Mechanicsburg, PA

Press 1 to stop the recording,

Press 1 again to restart the recording

Press 4 to back up the recording,

Press 6 to advance the recording


  BlogSpot! www.juniatamennonitehistorical.blogspot.com

The blog is intended to be a small window into our collection. You will be able to view photos that come to us with a corresponding article, an artifact with its history, and more. The articles and photos are in addition to the features in our quarterly newsletter, Echoes.

Opening Lending Library- January 3, 2017

A portion of the library has been prepared for circulation. More titles will be added throughout the year.

Some of the books in the library will be available to lend for a two-week time period, renewable for one subsequent two-week period. There is a penalty of $1 week for each overdue book.

Borrowers must be members of the Juniata Mennonite Historical Society.

There will be no charge to borrow books.

Borrowers who wish to renew the loan must notify the library; otherwise, books are considered overdue until the return of the book. We do not have a "book drop box" outside the facility. Please return books during hours of operation: Tuesday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Users are responsible for damage or loss of books, and the replacement value.

The library reserves the right to restrict select books for circulation. We do not participate in an interlibrary loan nor do we mail volumes on a loan basis.