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The feed mill, built about 1840 in Little Evendale was owned by William Sellers. The mill was torn down in the late 1920's or early 1930's.

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New books

To and from Juniata Hills - Banks and Anna Mae Weaver (1915-1936)
compiled by Mary Alice Charlton (2021)
Against the backdrop of the changes from horse and buggy to cars,  Banks and Anna learned to know each other mostly through letters. Banks lives in Juniata County and Anna lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Because they write in English and speak a lot of Pennsylvania Dutch, their letters will sound rather quaint.
God leads them to marriage in 1919. According to custom, they each remain at their parental homes until spring, only visiting each other a few times.
After beginning housekeeping the letters "to and from the Juniata Hills" continue as Anna writes to her family.

Let Him Be Your Servant (2017)                      

An Inspirational and Historical Account of the Life and Times of Landis H. Brubaker

by Amos Landis Brubaker, a grandson

$20.00 + shipping and handling

A Chance to Be Brave (2020)

Romaine Stauffer

Stories of boys living and learning

$10.00 plus shipping and handling

Led By His Hand (2019)

Romaine Stauffer

Stories from Merle Burkholder's forty years in missions

$12.00 plus shipping and handling

200 years of God's Faithfulness

Compiled by Donald & Lillian Weaver, Carmen Miller, Miriam Weaver

Lost Creek Mennonite Church 1819-2019

$5.00 plus shipping & handling

Lost Creek Mennonite Cemetery Record & Index

Revised and updated by Juniata Mennonite Historical Center (2019)

$30.00 plus shipping & handling

The Descendants of Jacob and Margaret Moretz  (1988)

used soft cover book - 260 pages

compiled by Paul F. Cauffman, Marian Pines Shade, Grace Spotts Otto and Jack Akerboom

$8.00 plus shipping and handling

The Other Hertzler-Hartzlers (1995)

Used hardcover book - 590 pages

compiled by Emanuel C. Hertzler

$10.00 plus shipping and handling

A Genealogy of the Samuel B. and Mary N. Weaver family (2002)

compiled by Curtis & Janice Weaver

Spiral bound 101 pages

$12.00 plus shipping and handling

Surviving, Thriving & Multiplying

Three Decades of Growth in the Honduras Mennonite Church, 1950-1980

By James & Rhoda Sauder with George & Lois Zimmerman

soft cover- 447 pages

$15.00 plus shipping and handling

The Jonas Martin Era 1875-1925

Second Edition (2018) 1275 pages

by Amos B. Hoover

$65.00 plus shipping and handling

Noah H. Mack  His Life and Times - 1861-1948

used book - 177 pages

by J. Paul Graybill, Ira D. Landis and J. Paul Sauder

$40.00 plus shipping and handling

Faithfully Geo.R

The Life and Thought of George R. Brunk I (1871-1938)

used book - 222 pages- hard cover

by J. C. Wenger

$20.00 plus shipping and handling

The Life and Times of Daniel Kauffman

used book- 160 pages - hard cover

by Alice K. Gingerich

$45.00 plus shipping and handling

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